Hey, I’m Evan.

I’m a physically and mentally active, perpetually creative, and relentlessly productive ambivert driven by an insatiable quest to experience life while I grow to my full potential.

Software Engineer

I’ve always had an affinity for math, logic, and computers. I took my first programming class in high school, where things immediately clicked. I was hooked on the thrill of problem solving and the satisfaction of building something. The future quickly became evident – it was as if the clouds opened up and a loud, booming voice issued a divine decree: “Evan, this is what you were meant to do.”

I proceeded to graduate in 2018 with my B.S. in Computer Science & Systems with a minor in Mathematics from University of Washington Tacoma. I’m currently working as a back-end software engineer at F5 Networks.


In 2017 the purchase of a small MIDI keyboard catalyzed my passion for producing electronic music. I currently release EDM with trap, trance, and rock influences through my project “Evan`s Universe”. You can check it out here.


I started my bodybuilding journey in 2016. I take care to create an injury free, physiologically conscious workout program for myself.

I’ve recently gotten into bouldering, both indoor and outdoor. I currently hover around the v3-v4 range.

Lifelong Learner

I’ve found that when something becomes important to me, my first instinct is to try and understand it. Whether it’s the implementation of software, the notes in music, or the inner workings of my body, I try to understand what drives it forward and makes it tick.

Along this vein, I take a specific interest in the routines I have in my life, both those there intentionally and those there by default. I do a lot of journaling and reading on the subject. Some of my favorite authors are Cal Newport and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

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